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Jessalynn K. I. Graham



Resume Download & Timeline


To download a copy of my resume, please email me your name, company association and phone number. Once I receive this information I will email you a copy of my resume. Below is an animated resume timeline of some of my accomplishments. Click the black arrows inside the blue boxes on the left and right of the timeline to scroll left to right and view my accomplishments. If you are viewing my site through a mobile device, the animation timeline may not work on your device. To fully appreciate this page, please view on a non-mobile device (non-mobile device includes tablets).

Slogan & Crest 



My slogan "Ne Oublie" is derived from the Scottish Clan of Graham's coat of arms. In Latin "Ne Oublie" translates to "Never Forget" or "Do Not Forget". The Graham clan motto is very instrumental in orchestrating who I am and how I design. This motto stems from the idea that all Graham's would be a repository of the best of traditions and that we are asked not to forget, some of which are contained in the concept of chivalry, bravery, and Christian service to your fellow man. As a Designer and a person, this is who I am, Jessalynn Kendy
Ivey Graham.



Ringling College of Art + Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Graphic Interactive & Communication. Business of Art & Design Minor.


Graduated in 2009 



At the end of each semester, the President of Ringling College recognizes students with a semester average of 3.7 or better, and “President’s List” is posted on their transcripts for that semester.



I was elected Student Body President of Ringling College for two consecutive years. Also, I was the co-founder of SGA, and wrote the constitution and by-laws. 



Each year, the Ringling College of Art and Design Board of Trustees
is proud to award its highest honor - the Trustee Scholarship - to an exclusive group of extraordinary rising seniors.  The hard work, talent, spirit, and dedication of these award recipients exemplify excellence.  Each Trustee Scholar receives a scholarship.  The scholarship recipients and the nominees will be honored at an official recognition ceremony in the fall.


Two Trustee Scholar nominees are selected each spring from the junior class by the faculty of each major and the Office of Student Life.  The Board of Trustees' Trustee Scholar Selection Committee, led this year by Trustee Larry Garberding, reviews each student's submission materials and portfolio, makes their selection, and recommends the appointment of scholars to the entire Board of Trustees based on the following criteria:


1. Exceptional talent and distinction of mind 

2. Contribution to the department, College,
    and/or local City/ State community

3. Leadership, citizenship, mentorship 





Harvard Business School Publishing

Accredited & Certified Courses that can be added to an MBA


Certificates received from 2014 to 2015


While at one of my previous employers, I was given the opportunity to take several Harvard Business School Publishing Courses. I excelled in these courses and passed with high marks. You can see a slide show of my accredited certificates below this paragraph.

Certifications & Diplomas


Below is an image gallery of the certifications & Accreddited Diplomas I have earned. Mouse over or click the image to see a description of the certificate. Some of these certifications are non-design related. I have used a lot of these non-design related courses to enchance certain design projects and interpersonal skills. I have certificates ranging from creative writing, digital marketing, event planning and management, mental health, photography, teaching, and health & safety courses that I have found very useful as a graphic designer with marketing and event coordination experience. 

2010 - present

2010 - present

CPR, First Aid & AED Certified

CPR, First Aid & AED Certified

Certificate valid from February 2015 to February 2017. The CPR, First Aid & AED course incorporates the latest science and teaches students to recognize and care for a variety of first aid emergencies such as burns, cuts, scrapes, sudden illnesses, head, neck, back injuries, heat and cold emergencies and how to respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies (with an AED) for victims about 12 years and older.

Diploma in Social Media Marketing...

Diploma in Social Media Marketing...

Diploma in Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management from Shaw Academy is an intense CPD Certified course that is a solid foundation for those intending to plan, execute, and assess social media campaigns.

EWB App Design Certification

EWB App Design Certification

Excel with Business (EWB) App Design Online Course Certificate

Certified Wedding Planner USA & UK

Certified Wedding Planner USA & UK

With the Aim Redstone Wedding Planner Certificatrion, I learned everything from creating the perfect ceremony, managing a beautiful reception, networking with suppliers – all the things that will make a loving couple’s special day extra special. The course modules included certifications in the following: Introduction to wedding planning, Organizing yourself, The ceremony and location, and several more. Click the link below to learn more about this certification course.

Digital Marketing Diploma

Digital Marketing Diploma

The Shaw Academy for Digital Marketing teaches ambitious students to acquire clients for less, convert greater numbers of leads into profitable customers, and increase market share in a highly competitive, exponentially growing, and lucrative digital market place. Over the course of ten live and fully interactive modules with recordings, students of all levels will learn about digital marketing with the help and support of industry leading experts, lecturers, and tutors.

Cartoon Drawing Certification

Cartoon Drawing Certification

B.A.C. Certified cartoon drawing course from JD Campus London.

Personal Nutrition Diploma

Personal Nutrition Diploma

This Online Personal Nutrition Diploma offers you the opportunity to help yourself and others enjoy the best of health by gaining a comprehensive and practical understanding of the key principles of nutrition. This highly rewarding practical Diploma programme is available to anyone wishing to learn more about nutrition, health and well-being from either a private or professional perspective. UK english.

Skillsology CBT Certfication

Skillsology CBT Certfication

Skillsology Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Online Course accredited Certification.

Psychology of Sales Diploma

Psychology of Sales Diploma

The Diploma in Sales offers the opportunity to utilise your talents to present yourself effectively and confidently within your daily environment. More than simply a requirement for those looking to sharpen their sales skills, it is also essential viewing for those who wish to express themselves in a more confident and forthright manner. This programme of study allows individuals to take control of how they are perceived from the outside world in a practical, efficient manner. UK english

Events Management Certificate

Events Management Certificate

With the Aim Redstone Event Management Certificatrion, I learned everything from essential practical skills in events management, setting up an events management business, and other business-essential strategies such as marketing and sales. Upon completion of this certification I learned from the following classes: Preliminary Steps to Plan an Event, Get Organized, Services & Specializations, Venues, Marketing, and several more. Click the link below to learn more about this certification course.

Creative Storybooks Writing

Creative Storybooks Writing

Though children’s literature is full of magic and whimsy, there’s a concrete skill set that every children’s book author should hone in order to create a wonderful story for kids. Writers tackle 14 modules that teach the ins and outs of the trade, covering such topics as preparation, character development, and much more. Once they finish 14 exams, they receive an IAO accredited certificate of completion.

Photography Diploma

Photography Diploma

This comprehensive photography course covers over 35 topics, delivered to you via enjoyable, interactive and easily accessible audio and visual modules for you to study in the ease and comfort of your home or office.

Design Skills




  • App Graphics

  • App Layout

  • Blogging

  • Book Layout Redesign

  • Book Cover Design

  • Brochures

  • Business Card Design

  • Business Design

  • Campaign Creation

  • Content Management

  • Corporate Branding

  • Corporate Mailers

  • Cropping

  • Design Sense

  • Design Strategy

  • Direct Marketing

  • Editorial Design

  • Email Marketing

  • Email Newsletter Design

  • Font Creation

  • Government Proposals

  • Greeting Card Design

  • Informational Graphics

  • Layout Website Concepts

  • Logo Design

  • Magazine Layout Design

  • Marketing Materials

  • Multiple Project Coordination

  • Packaging Design

  • Planning Strategy for Websites and Social Media

  • PowerPoint Animations

  • Presentation

  • Press Releases

  • Print & Poster Design

  • Print Advertising

  • Print Newsletters

  • Product Management

  • Project Coordination

  • Proposals

  • Public Relations

  • Quick Design Project
    Turn Around

  • Sales Presentations

  • Storyboard Creation

  • Teaching

  • Trade Show Graphics

  • Web Banner Ads

  • Webcast Presentations

  • Website Framework

  • Web Design in HTML with Wix

  • Web Design in Flash with Wix







  • 2D Graphics

  • Ad Campaigns

  • Advertising

  • Archiving

  • Board Game Design

  • Board Game Development

  • Brand Management

  • Brand Marketing

  • Brand Optimization

  • Branding & Identity

  • Business Development

  • Campaign Management

  • Cataloging

  • Children Art Direction

  • Composition

  • Corporate Design

  • Creative Writing

  • Digital Marketing

  • Drafting Copy for Websites

  • Desktop Publishing Coordinator

  • Editing

  • Formatting

  • Fundraising

  • Image Editing

  • Image Management

  • Imaging

  • International Marketing

  • Media Creation

  • Media Implementation

  • Merchandising Color Palette

  • Mobile Marketing

  • Mood Boards & Style Cards

  • National Marketing

  • Photo Editing

  • Photography

  • Podcasting

  • Printing & Print Process

  • Printmaking

  • Product Demonstration

  • Product Research

  • Purchasing Inventory

  • Quality Control

  • Representing Content Visually

  • Research

  • Sketching

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Social Media Monitoring

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Training Staff

  • Typography Design

  • Visual Consistency

  • Writing Skills





  • Artistic Resume Designer

  • Business Storytelling

  • Color Correcting

  • Content Strategy

  • Digital Media Testing

  • Digital Production

  • Digital Strategy

  • Displays

  • Embossing

  • Evaluating Emerging Digital Technology Tools

  • Generating Content for
    Social Media Outlets

  • High Resolution Imaging

  • Image Creation

  • Image Manipulation

  • Incorporating Video with Text

  • Market Research

  • Mobile App Development

  • Motion Graphics with
    App Software

  • Product Promotion

  • Production Prototype

  • Proofreading

  • Social Publishing

  • Social Research

  • Test Marketing

  • Vendor Management

  • Web Marketing







  • 3D Graphics

  • Content Programming

  • Content Promotion

  • HTML

  • Iconography Development

  • Illustration

  • Keyword Analysis

  • Market Analysis

  • Motion Graphics with Flash

  • Monitoring Public Usage

  • Motion Graphics in After Effects

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Video Editing

  • Web Design in Flash

  • Web Design in HTML5

  • CSS


Software Skills




  • Adobe Creative Suite CC

  • Adobe Acrobat


  • YNAB

  • 3D Text Studio

  • Logomaker 4.0

  • Wix

  • Paint.NET

  • Skitch

  • Microsoft Word

  • Microsoft Power Point

  • Keynote & Pages

  • Constant Contact

  • Numbers

  • VLC

  • GoAnimate

  • FlipBook 6.86

  • Pixallete

  • Google+

  • Twitter

  • SimplyMeasured





  • Solid Works

  • Sumopaint

  • Gimp

  • Prezi

  • Behance

  • WordPress

  • Dribble

  • Adobe Flash CC

  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC

  • Adobe After Effects CC

  • Adobe Fireworks CC


  • digiKAM


  • ImageMagick

  • Flikr

  • Instagram

  • TypePad





  • Tableau 9.0

  • Sketch

  • 3D Text Studio

  • Logomaker

  • Google Fonts

  • Adobe InDesign CC

  • Adobe Photoshop CC

  • Adobe Illustrator CC

  • Mircosoft Excel

  • Picnik

  • Image Turner

  • FatPaint

  • Sketch Up

  • Seashore

  • LightZone

  • Pic Monkkey

  • BeFunky

  • Pixlr App

  • KolourPaint



  • Pinterest

  • StumbleUpon





  • Xcode-beta 6.4 beta 2 

  • Autocad

  • SVG-Edit

  • Inkscape

  • Serif DrawPlus

  • Daz Studio

  • Blender

  • Sculptris

  • Houdini Apprentice

  • Vizualize (infographic software)

  • Expression Web 4

  • QuarkXpress

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Google Analytics





  • Ability to Meet Deadlines

  • Attentive Listener

  • Business Trend Awareness

  • Community Building

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Content Promotion

  • Customer Service Sensitivity

  • Deal with Difficult Situations

  • Decision Making

  • Design Sense and Strategy

  • Effective Communicator

  • Emotion Management

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Identifying Problems

  • Intercultural Competence

  • Knowledge Management

  • Leadership

  • Logical Thinking

  • Managing Difficult Conversations

  • Multitasking

  • Negotiation

  • Patience with Customers/Staff

  • Perceptive about Client Needs

  • Prioritizing

  • Problem Resolution

  • Process Improvement

  • Public Speaking

  • Representing Content Visually

  • Successful Coach

  • Supervising

  • Team Player

  • Technology Savvy

  • Thinks Outside the Box

  • Time Management

  • Tolerant of Change
    and Uncertainty

  • Verbal Communication

  • Visual Problem Solving

  • Working Collaboratively

  • Working Independently


Soft Skills




  • Aesthetic Sense

  • Artistic Sense

  • Brand Awareness

  • Community Management

  • Creative Thinking

  • Crisis Management

  • Critical Observer

  • Critical Thinker

  • Deadline Management

  • Desire to Learn

  • Detail Oriented

  • Disability Awareness

  • Diversity Awareness

  • Empathy

  • Ergonomic Sensitivity

  • Establish Interpersonal Relationships

  • Execution with Ethics

  • Experience Dealing with

  • Difficult Personalities

  • Flexibility

  • Functions Well Under Pressure

  • Handling Criticism Calmly

  • High Energy

  • Highly Organized

  • Mentoring

  • Nonverbal Communication

  • Perform Effectively
    in a Deadline Environment

  • Planning Strategy for Websites and Social Media

  • Positive Work Ethic

  • Possess Business Ethics

  • Project Coordination

  • Project Management

  • Proper Business Etiquette

  • Safety Conscious

  • Team Building

  • Visual Communication

  • Willing to Accept Feedback

  • Willingness to Learn

  • Work Well Under Pressure





  • Audience Development

  • Content Marketing

  • Create Perception

  • Deal with Office Politics

  • Design Trend Setting

  • Entrepreneurial Thinking

  • Interviewing

  • Managing Remote Teams

  • Performance Management

  • Presenting Proposals to Colleagues

  • Strategic Planning and Vision

  • Technology Trend Awareness

  • Trend Spotting







  • Business Storytelling

  • Pitching Story Possibilities
    to Editors



100% - 90% knowledge


89% - 75% knowledge


74% - 50% knowledge


49% - 25% knowledge


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