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Bio-Pro Research


During my Urine-Off internship I was given the opportunity to design their product labels and packaging for their odor and stain remover brand. I worked in four different languages for their product labels. Below is a gallery of my design accomplishments with Urine-Off.

Generabrand Vitamins & First-Aid Supplies


Generabrand Vitamins, Supplement Powder Mixes and First-Aid supplies package redesign for Target corporation products. Design was intended to be used for several different vitamins and would have a consistent look and feel that demonstrated a strong minimal design.

Regina Cooking Wine Redesigned


Rebranded packaging and logo for Regina Cooking Wine label. Cooking wine comes in a handmade built wooden box. To see more of the branding materials please click here or go to my branding portfolio section. 

Matcha Green Tea


The gallery below shows my Matcha Green Tea organic packaging design. For this concept, I chose to hollow out a cylinder in a 6 inch pine wood block, then cut it in half and applied wood burning designs to my package. I drilled holes in each side of my box and threaded ribbon into the holes. The little latching knob holds the ribbon in place, which is securely fastened in by the drilled hole in the top part. The tea is kept in a glass vial to sustain freshness. A booklet is attached for instructions on how to make matcha loose powder tea. The ribbon locking/closure concept derived from the Apollo capsule hatch door mechanism. 

Parker's Organic Honey: Mangosteen, Avocado & Lemon Honey


The gallery below shows a design concept for Parker's organic honey products. Parker's honey is derived from avocado plants, mangosteen fruit and lemon blossoms.

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