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Jessalynn K. I. Graham



Biography of Jessalynn Kendy Ivey Graham


I have had the pleasure to work in a variety of design environments and with
a range of design media from typography, print design, commercial product design, U.S. Government marketing materials & proposals, photography, informational graphics design, branding & campaign development, to web and interactive design. 


Attending Ringling College of Art + Design has been instrumental in orchestrating who I am as a designer and a person. Ringling has prepared
me with the ability to design on a professional and ethical level. However, working in the design field for over 10 years has taught me a plethora of skills you cannot learn in a college classroom.


Obstacles and confrontations from complex interaction designs, producing productive teamwork projects, and developing large brands do not hinder me.

From a designer's approach, I believe that composition analysis is a key way of solving artistic problems. From a visual design perspective, I am most fascinated by original interactions of typefaces, colors and the elements
of design. I believe that the main purpose of design is to give meaning and power to exchanges of ideas. 


From this knowledge I can target viewers in an effective manner, that is easily explained to them, and this is key to how I approach every one of my projects. Creating good usability is an ever-present focus for me in my work. If a design product is visually attractive but doesn't resonate with or doesn't make sense to the people a client aims to reach with a project, then, simply from a practical point of view, the design has not succeeded.

Designer Points
  • Over 10 years of 
    Design experience


  • BFA in Graphic Interactive
    & Communication from Ringling College of Art and Design with a Minor 
    in Business.


  • Certified in Photography

  • Have taken 13 Harvard Business Publishing School Courses that are being added to my MBA Track 
    as of Fall 2015.


  • Over 8 years of experience in Leadership, Art Directing, Project Management, 
    Internal Communications 
    & Marketing Coordination. 


  • Summer 2015 recipient for Shaw Academy diplomas for the following courses:

    • Social Media Marketing & Online Reputation Management

    • Digital Marketing

    • Psychology of Sales

    • Fast Track Business Success


  • As of April 2017, 
    I have worked on 7,189
    Design Projects.

2010 - present

2010 - present

  • Singing Opera (Used to be professional)

  • RCAD Hip-Hop Dance Team Member

  • Making Organic Teas

  • Building Aerospace Models (Saturn V)

  • Making Candles & Soaps

  • Doing Pro-Bono Design services
    for a "Mom & Pop" Business


  • Making Gourmet Chocolates & Sweets

  • Making Jewelry (Glass, Metal & Beads)

  • Playing Sports (Soccer, Volleyball, etc)

  • Volunteering (Elderly & at-risk youth)

  • Singing in Choirs (Church & Teams)

  • Baking Amish/Mennonite Sweets

  • Making Homemade Ice Cream

  • Woodworking & Wood Crafting

  • Blowing Glass gifts & Sculptures

  • Abstract Oil Painting


  • Fencing & Archery


  • Crew: Coxswain Position


  • Canning, Pickling, & Creating Organic Jams

  • Making Handmade Greeting Cards

  • Reading History Novels

  • Playing Strategic Miniatures War Games
    (Like Axis & Allies and Twilight Imperium)


  • Painting War Hammer miniatures
    & accesories as well as airplane models


  • Piano, Music Theatre, Flute, & Clarinet 

  • Exercising and teaching health tips 
    to young children and the elderly


  • Farming & Gardening


  • Yoga, Pilates & Martial Arts


  • Watercolor Landscapes


  • Collecting Star Trek & Sci-Fi Toys/Games


  • Volunteering with Animal Shelters


  • Collecting Rocks


  • Hip-Hop Dance Choreography


  • Hiking & Biking


  • Watching online games (ie LOL)

  • Textile Clothing & Quilt Design 

  • Cooking Southern Soul Food

  • Sewing & creating my own clothes

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